This delightfully demented children’s book was inspired by a particularly precocious little ankle biter. Her favorite movies growing up were often those that included monsters such as werewolves, vampires, or zombies. With her bemoaning the fact that there were no books for her age range that matched her interest in the macabre, I decided that I would simply have to create one. Taking my inspiration from this heinous little hell raiser, Little Zombie Dorian was born.

Little Zombie Dorian and her Co-Hoards
But it couldn’t be just any story. I needed it to be something that would captivate and inspire. In the story, Little Zombie Dorian seems to be at a disadvantage due to her small stature. She finds that things which seem easy to the others are quite difficult for herself.

Sad Little Zombie Dorian

Her story is a story of perseverance. It’s a story about finding what we CAN do rather than focusing on what we cannot. In the end, she finds that what seemed like a great hindrance might actually be her greatest strength.


Who is the Book for?

Due to the content of the book, it is clearly not for everyone. For instance, the portrayal of firearms in the book make it unfortunately inappropriate for a school setting.

Cute Little Zombie Dorian sneaking up behind you


This book is aimed mainly at the kinds of people who are enthusiasts of this sort of genre and their children. Many children enjoy the thrill of horror and this book is a great way to encourage these children to begin reading at an early age. People of all ages can also appreciate the contrast in this adorably dark story.


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